With an email forwarding enabled for any given address, all of the inbound email messages will be sent to a third-party e-mail address that you've picked even though the latter will not be in the list of recipients and also, the email sender won't be informed where their e-mail will go. You can use this type of feature if you have multiple emails as it will likely be more convenient to get all of the incoming emails in a single mailbox instead of signing in and out of various ones all the time or setting up a variety of mailboxes within an e-mail app. In case you have a company or an organization, the e-mail forwarding is also a way to check all messages received by various departments for improved coordination. It's also possible to use this feature the other way round - an e-mail sent to a standard mailbox can be forwarded to several people.

E-mail Forwarding in Shared Web Hosting

The Hepsia Control Panel, that comes with all of the shared web hosting packages, will help you forward any email inside the account to another one without difficulty. This can be done either throughout the creation of a brand new mailbox or any time afterwards if you choose that you'll need this feature. During the process, you will be able to choose if you prefer a copy of the emails to be kept on the server. In this way, you will have a backup and you will steer clear of the probability to lose a message if the forwarding is to an exterior address, that's temporarily unavailable. This feature can be enabled and disabled any time, and if you use emails for important matters, it is advisable to use it, because no records of the e-mails will be kept on the server when the option is not active. In case you determine that you don't need forwarding any more, it will take simply a mouse click to disable it.

E-mail Forwarding in Semi-dedicated Servers

With a semi-dedicated server package from us, it will take just a few clicks to forward any of your emails hosted from the account to a third-party mailbox. You will be able to get this done in the feature-rich Email Manager part of the Hepsia Hosting Control Panel and throughout this process you could also choose if a copy of your emails must be kept on our servers or not. The last feature is optional, yet helpful because you will get a backup of your incoming messages, so regardless of whether something happens with the other email address, you simply will not lose any info. You can activate or deactivate the forwarding for just about any email address at any time and forward the emails to multiple addresses if you would like. You will also have the ability to see a listing of all email addresses that are being forwarded and also where the emails are being forwarded to.